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Yoga classes, for all levels and everybody is welcome.


Yolo Yoga mit David Suivez, Florian Fleischmann, Lukas Landolt & Andreas Waser

We teach a non-traditional hatha-based yoga style. In our yoga classes the emphasis lies on the deep connection
between you and your inner voice. You will reconnect with your body and the feeling of moving with ease in a peaceful mind.
Being inspired by everything and everyone around us, each yoga lesson is an adventure and never the same.

Strengthening and loosening up the body can increase concentration through a stable, regular breathing.
We encourage your already strong body to explore the range of motions for more openness and flexibility, on and off the mat.
Our yoga classes are 60 or 90 minutes long. You get detailed instructions in the poses, while being reminded to stay in your body.
With the process of safe alignment and breathing techniques you can gain more self-confidence in your body.

YOLO YOGA is a safe, positive and selfempowering experience for beginners and experienced yoga students.
Sometimes we will include elements of Yin Yoga, Acro Yoga and share our love for music with you.

Never tried yoga before or is it your first time you wanna join us? Here’s our YOGA ÉTIQUETTE for more details.


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Now: Jan 17 05:03 pm
20:30 Hatha Flow with Florian @ Balboa
Hatha Flow with Florian @ Balboa
Jan 16 @ 20:30 – 21:45
18:00 Hatha with Lukas @ Gobinde Studio
Hatha with Lukas @ Gobinde Studio
Jan 17 @ 18:00 – 19:30
19:00 Running & Yoga Warmdown with David & Florian @ GHETTO GYM
Running & Yoga Warmdown with David & Florian @ GHETTO GYM
Jan 18 @ 19:00 – 20:00
Seit 2011 ist diese Running Crew in Zürich wöchentlich auf Zürichs Strassen aktiv und wird von Gründer David Suivez jeweils mit einer kurzen Yoga Sequenz beendet. Lauf und Yoga sind kostenlos.
19:30 Hatha Flow with Florian @ Serratus Yoga Studio
Hatha Flow with Florian @ Serratus Yoga Studio
Jan 18 @ 19:30 – 21:00
Hatha Flow with Florian @ Serratus Yoga Studio | Zürich | Zürich | Schweiz
19:00 Power Yoga with David @ LOLA | FRED
Power Yoga with David @ LOLA | FRED
Jan 19 @ 19:00 – 20:00
Power Flow Yoga ist eine kraftvolle, energetische Form von Yoga in der man sich fliessend von einer Pose zur anderen bewegt und dabei den Atem mit den Bewegungen verbindet. Diese Art von Yoga verbindet Stärke, Flexibilität,
6:30 Hatha Yoga with Florian @ Balboa (Schanzengraben)
Hatha Yoga with Florian @ Balboa (Schanzengraben)
Jan 20 @ 6:30 – 7:30



Free Spirit, chinese medicine therapist and nature lover

Change is the only permanent state in his life. Heartcentered free spirit who loves to go a bit on the path of life with everyone who enjoys life or is open to learn it. He loves to teach flexibility and that doesn’t requires that you can touch your feet.  Martial arts, chinese medicine and a natural instinct of movement is his background. Meditation and spirituality is a big thing in his life.


Father, DJ and music producer

A Father, DJ and music producer found his way to yoga through wing chung kung fu and hip hop. Practising hatha, clubbing and bikram yoga he found his own rhythm. Living a holistic approach of a healthy lifestyle he mixes nightlife and daytime.
Being in front of a class and/or a dancing crowd gives him freedom of expression.


Graphic designer, world traveller and music lover

The graphic designer, world traveller and music lover has a background in capoeira. He believes that consciousness in movement can help anyone find peace of mind and re-establish contact with their soul. He was taught in different yoga styles (RYS 500), such as Hatha, Yin, Acro and Power Yoga. As a teacher he loves to open hearts.


Sportscientist, movement therapist and wave lover

The sportscientist, movement therapist and wave lover found yoga during his studies and travels around the world. The combination of physical and mental sensations yoga has on everyone of us inspires him throughout the day.
He teaches non-traditional hatha yoga and likes to mix up different styles and movement patterns in his classes.

Florian and David are also trained as ranio-sacral therapists (Level 1) and yoga-thai-massage therapists (David) and offer private yoga classes and therapy sessions.


Being aware of the heavy influence music, sounds and noise can bring to the practice of Yoga, we are happy to show you our playlists and mixes. Music lovers, Djs and producers who support our idea of positive uplifting and influencing in a good way compile their favourite tracks for you. Not only on our mat but in every day real life. If you want to contribute to our growing playlist, drop us an email here.

Here are some of our playlists we played in class – enjoy!


If you have any questions or any kind of feedback,
we are looking forward receiving your message.

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Call Lukas 079 831 55 73

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I was welcomed like an old friend and instantly felt a positive, free spirited energy. Loved it.

Julian Thorner

After six classes I really feel that something in my body changed – and it feels very good.

Jeremy Gloor

I feel very good now!


I loved the asanas – and the music!

Julia Jäger

I felt pretty good after the class.

George Brown

Exactly what I needed – Love it.



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